Special Finance Auto Leads for Car Dealers

High quality special finance leads, auto loan leads and auto finance leads are a vital part of the success of any special finance department, and™ understands that! We have been generating special finance auto leads for car dealers for over a decade. If you are looking to purchase industry leading auto finance leads, you have come to the right place!


Why Buy Auto Finance Leads?

Dollar for dollar, auto finance leads are the most cost affective form of advertising a car dealer can spend their advertising budget on! Other forms of car dealer advertising such as Newspaper Ads, TV and Radio spots can generate some business if done correctly. There is no fool proof way you can measure your TRUE return on investment!

A full page ad in your local Sunday Newspaper can cost as much as $10k+ for just One Day in some major metro regions. There is really no way of knowing how much business that ad produced. This is NOT the case when when you are investing your advertising dollars in high quality auto finance leads.

Example: By making an investment of 100 leads per month, you can expect an average of 8% to 10% closing ratio on your leads if your dealership handles the leads properly! At an average profit of $3500 per sale you can expect a $35K return on an approximate $2000 investment in special finance leads.