How Strong is the Subprime Auto Industry Today…

The Auto Finance Lead industry took a real beating a few years back because of the downturn in the economy. The collapse of the housing market in the US made all the banks think 3 times before lending and it took a while for the banks to bounce back. It seems like special finance started making a comeback  in mid to late 2011 and today it seems to be stronger than ever.

There are many people who once had excellent credit who fell victim to the bad economy and took considerable hits on their credit ratings because of circumstances they really could not control. But now most of those people are getting back on their feet and starting to buy cars again, but falling into subprime credit levels because of the hit they took on their credit scores. This is creating a great subprime lending market because there are a great deal of responsible people with damaged credit ratings that are looking to borrow money for cars. Not to mention, the handful that don’t make their payments can easily get their vehicles repossessed with all the vehicle tracking devices being used on the market today. Its a great time for everyone in the special finance business especially car dealers.

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